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Everyday Inclusion

Last week was National Inclusion Week – an opportunity to raise awareness of inclusion in the workplace. At Standard Life Aberdeen we’ve celebrated with lots of activities across the company – with much of this led by our fantastic employee networks...

A Returners' Story - Verity Ballantyne-Cook

When I started maternity leave I had no idea when I would want to return to work. I was a Client Relationship Manager for an asset manager in the City. The moment my son was born, I just knew. I didn’t want to think about my career. I just wanted to...

So, can we talk? #talkaboutblack

Imagine watering your parched lawn, hosepipe in hand on a scorching hot summer’s day, when suddenly the flowing water stops. Not even a trickle! As you glance back, you realise there’s a kink in the hosepipe. You un-kink the hose but, still, no water...

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