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Ambassador Application

This is a two stage process. If you give the answers to the questions below, and we consider that it would make sense to take your application further, we will provide you with a description of the role, and details of the various workstreams.
We will also ask you to write up to 250 words explaining why you want to become an ambassador.
How would you like to contribute to the Diversity Project?
Please tick those that apply.

If you are then accepted:

  • you will be asked to provide a short bio and a photograph, in the style of the Ambassador's page (at least 350px by 350px). Please tick to consent to these being put on the Diversity Project website.
  • your email address will be added to the Diversity Project and the Diversity Project Ambassadors email lists and Basecamp.  It may be used for Ambassador Programme information and requests, and for the Diversity Project Charity communications.

We will use the information you provide in order to contact you to discuss your ambassador application. We will not pass on this data or use it for any other purpose. Please see our privacy notice for further information.

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