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Neurodiversity Celebration Week – How you can make a difference on neuroinclusion

Date: 14th March 2023
Location: Virtual

Best practice for executives, managers and HR professionals.

Making our workplaces neuroinclusive could provide significant benefits for companies, managers and all employees. But for many senior executives, managers and HR professionals, the question is not why, but how?

As part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week, the Diversity Project’s neurodiversity workstream seeks to answer that question with the help of leading experts.

Please join How you can make a difference on neuroinclusion, where we will cover, among other topics,:

– How to grow awareness within your organisation and taking the first steps toward neuroinclusion
– The talent gap and how neurodiversity can help fill it
– Practical guidance on how to attract and retain neurodivergent talent

Introducing the Speakers

Image of Moderator: Sonya Hughes

Moderator: Sonya Hughes - State Street Global Advisors

Image of Meike Bliebenicht

Meike Bliebenicht - Neurodiversity Programme Lead, bp

Image of Lucy Bond

Lucy Bond - Head of HR, UK and EEA, Man Group

Image of Laurie Edmans

Laurie Edmans - Co-Chair, Group for Autism, Insurance, Investment and Neurodiversity (GAIN)

Image of Natalie Gill

Natalie Gill - Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Head of DEI Strategy & Industry Engagement, PGIM

Member Quotes

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