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Male allyship – how men can become better allies to women

Date: 13th March 2021
Over the last few years many investment and savings firms have stepped up their focus on tackling gender inequalities and creating a more inclusive workplace. But although progress is being made the pace of change is too slow.

The substantial majority of senior leaders in the investment and savings industry are men and many understand that failing to recruit, motivate, support, provide access to the same opportunities and promote half of the talent pool is at best suboptimal. And they are appalled when women they know encounter systematic sexism. These same men often are not sure where to start to become more effective allies for women at work.

In this webinar our panellists shared their personal experiences and insights:

  • Why male allies are important to creating greater gender equality
  • What barriers men face to be allies
  • What makes an effective male ally
  • How men can become better allies to women

Join our panellists:

  • Moderator – Jon Terry, Business advisor on people issues
  • Kathleen Hughes, Global Head of Liquid Solutions Goldman Sachs
  • Mitesh Sheth, CEO Reddington
  • Mark Freed, CEO E2W
  • Sarai Jacob-Whelan, Internal Counsel Macquarie



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