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Date: 20/10/2022
Location: 9th Floor, Barings, 20 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7BF

The #embRACEyourcareer campaign launched by the Race and Ethnicity workstream features an insightful series of eight impactful conversations regarding Career Progression. It was developed with the aim of redressing the imbalance of knowledge and information accessible to ethnically diverse professionals across the investment industry, that are pursuing senior level career advancement opportunities.

The series includes pertinent conversations covering topics such as ‘barriers to progression’, ‘becoming leadership ready’ and ‘authenticity’. Throughout the series, we hear from highly accomplished ethnically diverse senior investment leaders who share their practical insights and provide candid advice on how to be successful within the industry.

Join us as we celebrate the success of this campaign and introduce the next phase of this project where you can learn more about how to embed the #embRACEyourcareer toolkit in your organisations.

Together we can encourage transparency, promote understanding and inspire future industry leaders.

We hope to see you there and enjoy a great opportunity to network.

Join us on Thursday 21st September 2023 at 4pm for our event, ‘Moving the dial on ethnic representation at senior levels in our industry’. Click here to register.

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