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Our work with the profession as a whole is driven by the input we receive from our Advisory Council – a group of CEOs and Chairs of financial firms.

Our immediate area of focus is to work collectively to determine what success will look like as the Diversity Project begins to make an impact on the industry, with a particular focus on metrics. Further updates will be provided as our work in this area evolves.

We have also created a work stream focused on sharing of best practice, specific initiatives and lessons about what works and what does not. Please see below for our growing library of case studies on efforts and change already happening in the investment industry.

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Latest case studies

Aviva Investors launches maternity coaching programme

Aviva investors launches maternity coaching programme to attract, retain and nurture talent. Aviva Investors fully supports The Diversity Project’s efforts to promote greater inclusiveness in the investment industry. We believe that gender diversity is important for morale, productivity and...

Investment 2020's winning formula

Investment2020 arose from the concern shared by a handful of industry heads that recruits were looking increasingly homogeneous. Top flight graduates with degrees in maths and economics dominated the ranks. However diversity of ideas and different ways of thinking is what drives innovation and...

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