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Share lived experiences and promote understanding

The #embRACEReligionAndCulture series consists of a series of videos from our community, where individuals share thoughts on their religion and culture with the aim of spreading awareness and promoting understanding. We will be launching one video a fortnight, so keep coming back for more!

If you would like to get involved and tell us your religion and culture views from within the Investment and Savings industry, please get in touch via [email protected]

Introduction video

Faisal Javaid and Lin Yue introduce the new campaign from our Race and Ethnicity workstream, #embRACE Religion & Culture.

“The purpose of this series is to ensure that religion and culture, which for some of us makes up a large part of who you are as a person, is more widely understood to enable us all to bring our whole selves to work. Please use these videos to start a conversation and get to know your colleagues better.”

Lin Yue

Watch Lin Yue’s embRACE Religion & Culture video where Lin discusses growing up in China, and navigating the workplace.

“I think what we want is not a seat at the table, but really to change the table”

Euan Munro

Euan Munro shares a little about his religion, Christianity and how it has helped him to progress his career in the industry.

“A workplace with many faiths is a rich environment to work in but it requires tolerance and understanding more than superficial mutual celebration”.

Mitesh Sheth

Mitesh Sheth shares a little about his thoughts on religion, how religion and spirituality has played a large part in his life.

“I believe the purpose of life is to discover and experience that deeper connection with all of humanity. Ultimately, life for me is to expand my circle of love, from myself to my family, to the wider community and hopefully one day to encompass the whole world”.

Fiona Chan

Fiona Chan discusses her culture, and how it meant learning how to navigate the corporate world a little differently.

“Growing up in a traditional Chinese background with a large extended family there was a lot of focus on respect for elders, this often meant only listening and not speaking back. When I joined as a graduate, I found this held me back”

Jonathan Wilks

Jonathan Wilks shares his religion, Orthodox Judaism and how he has navigated his working life.

“People know pretty little about orthodox judaism…I often find myself explaining little rituals that I have to do”.

Faisal Javaid

“I think what we want is not a seat at the table, but really to change the table”