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The Diversity Project Charity -Trustees sought!

Charity no. 1179435

Our initial aim was to raise a significant sum to help a number of charities who have been affected by the President’s Club disbandment, as well as some regional charities focusing on inclusivity.

We have now raised sufficient to replace that funding for charities who received smaller amounts historically, to allow them time to develop alternative funding strategies. In 2020, we will support some charities who received larger amounts, together with charities with social mobility, diversity and inclusivity aims.

We need Trustees with the time and commitment to help us and who will put their hands to the pump, shoulders to the wheel and otherwise be prepared to do things. This is a small start up charity rather than a large organisation.

We are now looking for up to 3 Trustees who between them can add some of the following skills and knowledge to our Trustee Board: we are not looking for any one person to have all these attributes.

  • Experience of fund raising, including working with commercial organisations to raise funds, digital and social media fundraising, as well as organising events and projects for the charitable sector. We are particularly interested in innovation and social media as ways of raising funds, given the starting point of the charity.
  • Particular experiences of the challenges faced by those groups not well represented in the investment and savings sector;
  • Experience of working within the charitable sector, of charitable structures, trading subsidiaries and charity regulation;
  • Experience of grant making within the charitable sector, of what works, and what doesn’t;
  • Skills relevant to our succession planning: of chairing committees, trustee and other boards.

Trustees will be expected to contribute time, effort, tolerance and enthusiasm.

Background Information

  1. We have set up and registered The Diversity Project Charity as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. We are currently in the process of setting up a trading subsidiary.
  2. The Diversity Project Charity was set up after the demise of the President’s Club, to help replace funding for many of those charities previously funded by the President’s Club, who will lose out in future. It is also being set up to support diversity, inclusion and social mobility particularly with the savings and investment sectors in the UK.
  3. In its constitution, the Charity states that its objectives are to be as determined by the Trustees from time to time. The Charity has now provided or is in the process of providing grants to those smaller charities who fulfilled our audit and diligence requirements, to the extent of their last funding by the PC. We are working with a few larger PC supported charities over the next year and developing our funding strategies to support inclusion and diversity across all dimensions in the UK’s investment and savings sectors and related activities, and to raise funds and in-kind support within the sector to support wider social mobility and inclusivity aims by donating funds to relevant charities or to research projects selected by the Trustees.
  4. Within those objectives, the Trustees will decide the grant making priorities of the Charity from year to year. They are also responsible for monitoring the grants given and assessing the effectiveness of those grants in supporting the Charity’s objectives.
  5. The Charity’s grant-giving is guided by a set of values and principles that underpin the work that we do:
    1. Diversity and inclusion
    2. Transparency
    3. Integrity
    4. Collaboration
    5. Independence
  6. Trustees are responsible too for the efficient running of the Charity, and making sure it operates openly, transparently and within Charity Commission requirements.
  7. We currently expect the Charity to carry out its objectives by making donations to other charities and organisations, rather than undertaking projects directly or by employing people directly. We currently expect fund raising to be from organisations with some individual contributions, rather than from mass appeals.
  8. Eight Trustees have now got the CIO off the ground, raised nearly £500,000 and made grants to a number of charities. For the next phase of our development, we need further help. We think the Charity would benefit from Trustees with additional skills, knowledge and expertise. The Trustees do not expect any one person to have all of these and are seeking an effective combination of Trustee skills and approaches, in keeping with The Charity’ s values and aims. We are looking for up to three new Trustees.

How to apply

If you are interested, please apply by sending a summary CV and covering note indicating how you think you could contribute, to me (it will be circulated to the other Trustees but I promise to destroy it once we have appointed our new Trustees and we will keep the contents private to us together with our assistants, our company secretarial team and the two coopted members of the operations committee and grants committee ).

If you have any questions, do also email me. The closing date for applications is 15th September.

I hope to be able to respond as quickly as I can and arrange interviews later in September and early October.

Sarah Bates

Chair, The Diversity Project Charity

[email protected]


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