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Second e-Newsletter


Our Second e-Newsletter

Welcome to the second issue of The Diversity Project e­newsletter, a bi­annual update on the work we’re doing to create a more inclusive investment and savings industry.

The talk is great. There is an increasing consensus – particularly at the CEO level - on the importance of diversity, and not just gender diversity. When it comes to delivering results, this is a welcome start. We’ve certainly made progress over the past five years, but it’s simply not enough. The time for talk is over.

We cannot achieve the progress we seek unless others join us, especially those in powerful positions. This includes the incumbents, who manage lots of people – their genuine buy-in is absolutely essential. This is not about threatening them or their position, it’s about strengthening it by modernising our industry, rather than waiting to be disrupted. It’s about being able to deliver for our clients, our staff, our regulators and our policymakers.

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“Diversity in Portfolio Management,” read our featured report and press release, a newly released joint report from New Financial and The Diversity Project on understanding the diversity challenge facing the asset management industry, what firms are doing about it, and what still needs to be done.

LGBT Great has launched the #hereiamcampaign to the investment industry to encourage LGBT+ and ally talent to become visible. It is the driving force behind Project 1000 and the campaign so far has secured 100 Role Models. Please get in touch with the team at[email protected] to support the campaign.

Gender Equality in the Investment: we have created lots of practical guides and information for you to use at your own company.

A great video from Investment20/20 challenging industry stereotypes - be surprised by who works here... Amongst the 1,350 investment20/20 trainees over 5 years, half are school-leavers, 57% from non-finance faculties and 40% BAME.

We held our third Diversity Project Event #ActionNotWords on the 4th of September, with over 320 attendees. Find all the material from the event here.

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