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Inaugural e-Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of The Diversity Project enewsletter, a bi­annual update on some of the work we’re doing to create a more inclusive investment and savings industry.

Of course, the topic is much in the headlines ­ particularly following the recent publication of gender pay gap data that highlights just how far we have to go. The great news is that there’s huge commitment across our sector to creating and sustaining a much greater diversity of talent than we’ve been used to. It’s widely agreed that this is important ­ not just only for equality but for results and our ability to attract and retain the best talent in future.

I’m excited by the momentum that’s building, with over 50 organisations working together on a very wide range of efforts to cover many dimensions of diversity and at all stages of careers. Collaborative efforts can go way beyond what any company or organisation can do in isolation. I’m confident that we will start to see real impact from these efforts soon.

An overview of issues that triggered the Diversity Project. Find out how the investment sector promotes better environmental, social and governance practices, including diversity and equality among our investee companies.

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Watch our Manifesto to understand what we stand for and want to achieve.

Mind the Gap ­ the Gender Pay Gap – in the Investment Industry find out some innovative ways to address your company’s GPG.

Read our feature article “So, can we talk? #talkaboutblack”. We all need to learn how to have the Conversation.

Returners ­ top tips! Are you seeking a new role after a career break?

Read this LGBT Great’s first LGBT+ study within the investment industry.

Returners ­ top tips! Are you seeking a new role after a career break?

Find out what the Diversity Project’s workstreams’ goals and aims for 2018 are here.

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