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The Diversity Project Benchmarking Study is now open for 2018! Find out how to participate here.

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With strong participation in 2017 we are calling for all investment management firms to get behind this initiative and share this short questionnaire with their employee base.

In return for participating you’ll receive a copy of the industry report.

The study was established with the support from senior business leaders such as CEOs and Chairs from over 45 investment and savings firms. These leaders, and the Diversity Project would like to understand why and how the industry needs to evolve to build a more divers profession, therefore we need to understand:

  • Experience, qualifications, backgrounds and motivations of the people who work in the UK investment and savings industry
  • How they entered IM and what they like and don’t like about their work
  • Culture and practices of the companies for which they work
  • The views of those who work in other areas of financial services
  • What it would take to improve diversity in IM.

The results of last year’s study were instrumental in shaping the priorities of the Diversity Project in 2018. If you have any questions please contact us: [email protected]

To see the results from last year, see The Diversity Project/Mercer Benchmarking Study 2017.


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