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Gain the insight, knowledge and direction to start a career in investment and savings with The Skills Workshop

Not sure how to apply or what knowledge is needed for a career in the investment and savings industry?

Our free, virtual workshops across June – October 2024 will help you:

  • Build your awareness of the investment industry and its career opportunities;
  • Increase your knowledge of the latest trends; and
  • Make you feel application ready.

You’ll also have the opportunity to share questions and answers with your cohort and industry professionals.

What is The Skills Workshop?

A detailed programme of virtual workshops designed by industry professionals to provide the insight, knowledge and direction needed to pursue a career in the investment industry. Its goal is to tackle underrepresentation across the industry and increase social mobility – by addressing the intersectionality between ethnicity, gender, social mobility and other dimensions of diversity. Open to all, so far over 20,000 people have taken part.

New for 2024

Ageing societies, climate change and geopolitical uncertainty mean that governments are more willing to spend big to fight these crises – which should create demand for investors.

Find out what opportunities present themselves for the asset management industry

Join us for this year’s workshops; themed around the topics of sustainability and impact to understand the context behind the drivers shaping our world.

Who can sign up?

  • All educational routes welcome (college/university, all disciplines and subjects welcome)
  • All predicted grades welcome
  • All age groups welcome (from 18+)
  • Not looking for an internship or a role right now? Come along anyway and learn about what we do. There is no application form or assessment criteria

Insights into Industry Stakeholders

Insight - into an exciting industry.


Knowledge - to make informed choices.


Direction - to start your career.

Workshops on understanding the Investment and Savings Industry

Join us to gain the clarity you need to understand the industry and the variety of roles available. This context will be invaluable as you navigate interview and assessment centres. Understand the differences between investment management and investment banking; asset classes; and the latest trends and challenges facing the industry.

Put your best self forward with tips and tricks to combat any doubts, as well as having good conversation topics for interviews. How the industry works and how to apply for a job.

Register below for all NEW sessions for June and July 2024

Thursday 6th June 2024 | 6-7pm

What is Asset Management and why is it important for solving global crises?


Asset management is the practice of increasing total wealth over time by investing assets that have the potential to grow in value or to provide an income. The investment industry has a lot to contend with. Changing investor demographics, a shift from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution, the effects of climate change and the need to support the energy transition, how do asset managers remain relevant to achieve their long term goals for the clients? Join us to understand themes and trends shaping investors’ thinking in this changing world, the process of investment strategy and asset allocation and your role in the workplace of the future.

Wednesday 12th June 2024  |  6-7pm

An Introduction to Asset Classes – Liquid / Public markets


Liquid (or public) markets continue to form a crucial part of investors’ portfolio as they provide the much needed liquidity investors’ need to pay their liabilities. What are they and which asset classes feature in further contributing to a net zero world?

Thursday 13th June 2024 |  6-7pm

Introduction to Asset Classes – Illiquid / Private markets


Today’s investors are keen to branch out to other sources of portfolio diversification. As a result private markets allocations continue to increase and the growing investor demand coincides with continued interest in sustainable investment and climate solutions strategies. Learn about these asset classes and their role in the overall goal.

Thursday 20th June 2024 | 6-7pm

What are the biggest barriers to sustainable investing and is there a trade off between sustainability and return?


Today’s investors are keen to branch out to other sources of portfolio diversification. As a result private markets allocations continue to increase and the growing investor demand coincides with continued interest in sustainable investment and climate solutions strategies. Learn about these asset classes and their role in the overall goal.


Wednesday 26th June 2024 |  4-6pm

Finance in practice simulation: Experience Sales & Trading and Asset Management roles

Amplify Trading

Feel the buzz of the trading floor and experience the same simulation used by the world’s largest asset managers, investment banks and hedge funds. This unique experience will allow you to gain role-specific skills and develop your edge in the application process. Participants will receive performance feedback and certificates they can use for LinkedIn/job applications. Places are limited.

Thursday 27th June 2024 |  4-6pm

ESG In Practice: Is It Possible To Do Good And Make Money?

Amplify Trading

Get ready to discover more about the role that ESG plays across finance, from asset management and retail investing through to commercial and investment banks. As part of this session you will work through a series of interactive ESG-themed challenges, before taking part in a hands-on buy-side simulation, where you will face real life profit/sustainability ethical decisions and trade-offs and build your strategy as an asset manager.

Participants will receive performance feedback and certificates they can use for LinkedIn/job applications. Places are limited.

Wednesday 3rd July | 6-7pm

How to write a CV and cover letter that shows off your skills to employers

Hosted by industry experts, this session will give you practical advice on how to craft your CV and cover letters to stand out for the right reasons. You will learn tips and strategies to help you to articulate and evidence your skillset, experience and suitability for potential opportunities. This workshop will also provide an opportunity to submit your CV for individual review and feedback from our team of financial recruiters.

Thursday 4th July 2024 | 6-7pm

How to avoid common mistakes in applications and interviews and get tips from big firms HR teams


Gain UK HR professionals from the investment and savings industry and professional recruiters will support you in this interactive session to explain what the industry is looking for and how you can demonstrate you have it! They will share real life examples of good and bad applications from their wealth of practical experience of the UK job market.

Attend our Virtual Careers Fair

This is your opportunity to meet industry professionals and hear about their personal journeys.  Increase your understanding about each firm, its working culture and opportunities.  Gain valuable insights you need to be successful during interviews and at assessment centres.

One new firm every day, Monday – Thursday, in September and October. Find out where you can thrive!

Insights into Industry stakeholders

Asset Owners: Institutional investors

Institutional investors

We are professional investors who invest money on behalf of other people. We pool their money together to invest in investment assets.

In our diagram, we focus on your most common investors, the pension schemes (defined benefit (DB), local government pension schemes (LGPS) and defined contribution (DC).

Other examples include: insurance companies Charities and endowment funds (e.g. your university’s endowments)

Note that the governance structure and the advice taken and required will differ across investors.

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Asset Owners: Retail and Wealth Investors

Retail and Wealth Investors

Retail investors: are private individuals. They trade on their own account, for their own profit (or loss) and not on behalf of financial institutions or other investment organisations. These investors are not deemed to be professional investors. Retail investors are often advised by an IFA (independent financial advisor). Asset managers do not deal directly with retail investors.

Instead, asset managers work with investment platforms who pool assets together from individuals to invest like an institution.

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Professional trustee firms

Professional trustee firms

There are different types of trustees: Individual trustees, Corporate trustees, Member-nominated trustees (MNTs), Employer-nominated trustees (ENTs), Professional trustees and Chair of trustees. We all act impartially and represent the best interest of the beneficiaries of the pension scheme in line with pension regulation and the scheme’s rules.

A Professional trustee, in particular is someone who normally acts in an independent capacity and has longstanding expertise in trustee matters generally. Professional trustee firms work alongside the pension scheme and the consultant to ensure that the execution and implementation is in line with the best interest of the scheme.

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Asset Managers

Asset Managers

Also known as investment managers and fund managers. (Although, a fund manager is the job title given to the professional managing the pool of assets). We manage the assets of our clients – institutional and retail investors. We do not manage for individuals directly.

Using the pension scheme example, we help to manage a client’s investment portfolio based on their investment objectives and appetite for risk. We work alongside investment consultants and professional trustee firms to ensure we continuously have the right products for our client’s demands.

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We provide a range of advisory services to asset owners, from funding decisions, to asset allocation, manager selection and reporting processes. We frequently train investors and trustees on approaches to investment and emerging investment trends.

We helps clients formulate and put into place investment strategies and construct and maintain portfolios to ensure that they’re meeting their long term funding goals.

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If you have further questions, please contact us on [email protected].

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