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Sarah Bates

Sarah Bates

Diversity Project Ambassador

I am a Mancunian by background, white British. First person in the family apart from an aunt who worked in publishing, to work in the private sector.

Family background quite academic and radical, I realise now: it was assumed I could follow any  course or pursue any career I wanted.

Assisted place at direct grant grammar school, nearly full grant at university (Cambridge) and very low fees at London Business School with cheap loan. Those were the days.

Arrived in investment in 1980 when there weren't many jobs elsewhere, and a few graduate programmes were being established. I was recruited by stockbrokers Simon and Coates, which was quite a forward looking firm at the time .

Married quite young, and I would note that my husband's mother and grandmother were a dentist and doctor respectively, so he was used to women working. One daughter, who is just off to do a PhD in Planetary physics.


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