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Meike Bliebenicht

Meike Bliebenicht

Diversity Project Ambassador

I am originally from Hamburg, Germany, and moved to London in 2005. In my current role at HSBC Global Asset Management I head up the Product Specialist team for our London-managed global multi-asset solutions. I very much enjoy the global interaction and overall dynamism of my role.

As an ambassador for the Diversity Project I primarily focus on mental health and neurodiversity. My objective is to change perception of mental health problems and neurological differences and to create mentally and emotionally healthy workplaces where everyone can thrive.

‘Different’ does not mean ‘wrong’ or ‘weaker’. From a corporate perspective, diversity of thought can provide a clear competitive advantage - if we get the inclusion bit right! And therefore for me, diversity and inclusion is more than just a box to tick. It’s a passion.


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