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Diversity is the solution, not a problem to solve

Fostering inclusive and more diverse workplaces can play an important role in addressing some of the most important business issues, including creating better outcomes for customers; increasing innovation; helping to attract and retain talent; enhancing reputation and brand; and ultimately generating higher returns.

Overview of the issues that triggered the diversity project

The Diversity Project, run by and for the savings and investment industry, seeks to raise awareness on issues related to flexible working, gender parity, LGBT and disability. Businesses and organisations across the UK, ranging from the arts and the media to construction, IT and of course financial services, struggle with achieving real diversity in their workforce. Investment management, which as

The Diversity Project Benchmarking Study is now open for 2018! Find out how to participate here.

With strong participation in 2017 we are calling for all investment management firms to get behind this initiative and share this short questionnaire with their employee base. In return for participating you’ll receive a copy of the industry report. The study was established with the support from senior business leaders such as CEOs and Chairs from over 45 investment and savings firms. These leade

Outrage is right, but do you want to help solve the Presidents Club problem?

What happened at the Presidents Club quite rightly generated a howl of outrage from the real City, the proper City. Moving past that, how do you help solve the Presidents Club problem? The answer is easy, cheap and profitable. A group of men gathered at the Dorchester Hotel for a charity dinner. They were all rich, powerful men and the City is where the bulk got their money. A group of hostesses w

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