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Why is Diversity Important?

Good decision-making in any organisation rests upon good governance. In other words, it’s about ensuring the right people are around the table to debate ideas and challenge views which have been put forward in order to come to a decision in a robust manner. Good governance ensures that mechanisms are in place for functional leaders to be challenged within the framework of a board or of a board com

How Diversity Impacts Manager Research Ratings

In this video by Mercer , Lushan Sun, Investment Consultant, and Michael Kinney, Senior Research Specialist in Mercer’s Equity Boutique, discuss diversity and how this impacts Mercer’s manager research ratings. Lushan and Michael explain why Mercer believe that diverse investment teams are more likely to outperform and therefore deliver enhanced returns for clients, and how they measure diversity

Getting on our collective diversity bicycles

What will continue to make our industry successful? Henderson’s Andrew Formica sees clearly that a revolution in recruitment thinking and process holds one of the answers: “I worry that, over the past 10 years, our catchment of new joiners has got narrower and narrower. This has to be to the detriment of the long-term health of the industry.” Let me share some of our experience to date at Investme

Asset management industry launches five-year initiative to increase diversity

The UK investment and savings industry has today pledged its commitment to attracting, developing and retaining new and diverse talent with the launch of its Diversity Project. The Project, which is supported by many of the largest investment and savings institutions in the UK, marks a significant step to accelerate progress in encouraging a more inclusive culture in the investment profession over

The need for Diversity

If we are to understand the world around us, to make reliable financial decisions for our clients and to do so in the context of the societies and economies within which we operate, we need to bring to the task a diversity of mindset and approach. The Diversity Project is seeking to bring together work which has encouraged such diversity effectively, to draw attention to current projects and to de

Launch Event: 8th of November

Over 250 investment industry professionals will be attending the Diversity Project’s Launch Event, kindly hosted by Willis Towers Watson at their offices. Due to the high levels of interest in the event, registration is now closed. However, we would like to share with you the agenda below, and will also upload video snippets and photos following the event. If you are interested in getting involved

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