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A Returners' Story - Verity Ballantyne-Cook

When I started maternity leave I had no idea when I would want to return to work. I was a Client Relationship Manager for an asset manager in the City. The moment my son was born, I just knew. I didn’t want to think about my career. I just wanted to dedicate all my time and energy, for as long as possible, to him. Soon after I gave birth, a friend asked how long I was going to take off. I replied

4th September 2018 Event: #ActionNotWords

After the glaring gender pay gap disclosures, the Investment industry needs to act urgently. At this event, we will share solutions to close the GPG, and hear from other industries who are further down the track of tackling a lack of diversity. New Financial will be soft launching their findings from a study into diversity in portfolio management roles, and we will hear from asset owners on why th

New Trustees wanted! The Diversity Project Charity

We are in the process of setting up and registering The Diversity Project Charity as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. The Diversity Project Charity is being set up particularly after the demise of the President’s Club, to help replace funding for many of those charities previously funded by the President’s Club, who will lose out in future. It is also being set up to support diversity, incl

Overview of the issues that triggered the diversity project

The Diversity Project, run by and for the savings and investment industry, seeks to raise awareness on issues related to flexible working, gender parity, LGBT and disability. Businesses and organisations across the UK, ranging from the arts and the media to construction, IT and of course financial services, struggle with achieving real diversity in their workforce. Investment management, which as

So, can we talk? #talkaboutblack

Imagine watering your parched lawn, hosepipe in hand on a scorching hot summer’s day, when suddenly the flowing water stops. Not even a trickle! As you glance back, you realise there’s a kink in the hosepipe. You un-kink the hose but, still, no water flows. Then, it hits you. Further back, a long way back, there are more kinks in that hose. Now, you go kink-hunting with purpose and intent. You wal

Mind the gap – the gender pay Gap in the investment industry

What is the gender pay gap? The gender pay gap reporting requirements require all organisations employing more than 250 to report on four dimensions of pay – mean and median hourly pay differentials between men and women, mean and median bonus differentials (together with the percentage of men and women receiving a bonus) and finally the distribution of pay across quartiles split by men and women.

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