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Asset owners

Pensions and life time savings schemes are some of the biggest pools of investors in the world, also known as asset owners. They are responsible for providing retirement funds for millions of individuals.

To deliver to savers, asset owners must harness a broad range of talents, and create an industry that reflects the diverse society it serves.

Working at a pensions and life-time savings scheme


The role of a Trustee

Many UK pension schemes are set up as trusts.  This provides security for people’s pension benefits.  A trustee is a person or company who looks after a pension fund on behalf of the people who join it.  One of the key duties of a trustee is to act in a proper way when investing the pensions fund’s assets.  Savers place their trust in a trustee to look after the assets that will provide their pensions.

As well as trustee roles, pension schemes often have roles for investment professionals.

Trustees and pension scheme investment professional work closely with investment managers to deliver incomes in retirement to millions of savers.    


Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association Investment Conference 2017


The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association Investment Conference takes place on the 8-10 March 2017.

The theme for the conference is:

Diverse Investments, Diverse Perspectives


Learn more about the Investment Conference


Leadership training

Diverse Leadership training programme.

Leadership for Managers – aimed at developing the next generation of scheme executives. Courses focused specifically for future women leaders link to current programme.

Leadership for Managers Programme

So you want to be a Trustee? These Trustee training courses are aimed at helping women on the ladder to their first trustee role.

Trustee Training



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